Interim Leadership

Let us lead your charity forward as it goes through a change or transition.

Our Interim Leadership services are a longer-term commitment of between 3 to 12 months, designed to help you to achieve change successfully while recruiting a permanent CEO. These roles will vary enormously, but these hands-on services involve bringing in an employed interim CEO with clear targets for the period of appointment.

We offer part-time only support of up to 3 days per week.

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"I have never met anyone with such a diverse range of well-honed skills; the ability to really listen, to make you feel like you are the only person in the world when she is talking to you, empathising, caring, personable and fun too! Those skills really make a difference in delivering any ‘leadership’ role – our staff truly like and respect her.

Felicia is a professional woman who has so much knowledge in her field, who is strong enough to challenge and change deep-seated unhelpful thinking – to respectfully, tenaciously then carry that forward. Her ability to assimilate information and use it intelligently at speed is extraordinary. She has done so much since joining us on a strategic level, project work, Board tasks, bringing the team back together. "

Interim Crisis Leadership position

"Felicia has made the world of difference to our organisation since stepping in as interim COO six months ago. Initially holding the fort until we recruited a new CEO, she found herself leading the organisation just as the pandemic unfolded. Not only has she guided us through the uncertainty of covid-19, but she’s helped the senior management team work more effectively together and encouraged a new wave of innovation and energy. Working practices have improved, policies & processes have been reviewed, and we’re back on track with our strategic aims.

Felicia is incredibly thorough and has moved the organisation forward 10 steps. She's shown a genuine care and commitment to helping the organisation run more effectively on every level. Thank you Felicia – you’ve made a big difference and I’ll be recommending you to my colleagues in the sector! "
Kerryn Huck

then-Director of Operations, The Shannon Trust