Working in the charity sector can be tough. When you’re working to support a cause you love, money is tight and expectations are high; stress and burnout are common. It’s imperative that staff know they are heard, valued, and supported. Our Culture activities are aimed at helping to better understand and take steps to resolve cultural problems in staff teams.

We have worked with many teams going through change and crisis, and culture is always an essential part of that work. We can help you truly listen to your staff and help them build their ability to work together positively.

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"It has been a real pleasure to work with and get to know Felicia and I would highly recommend her to other organisations who want to get the best out of their team planning and/or away days.
Jo Oxlade

Deputy CEO, Brook

Culture / team building workshop

Our culture workshop is aimed at getting your team back on track after a difficult time or when they've first been brought together. We help to align teams behind shared values, identify their specific needs for success, and have a fun time doing it.

MBTI - Myers Briggs Session

Personality assessment tool MBTI is a fantastic tool for helping teams to understand their own – and each other's – preferred ways of working.

Staff consultation exercise

Our staff consultation exercise is a chance for you to find out how your team is really feeling – and what they need. Using an external facilitator to speak with your staff means you’ll uncover things you never knew before.

Through sensitive and friendly one-to-one interviews and focus groups, we can help you uncover what’s really going on and make recommendations for the way forward.

"Felicia recently facilitated a Leadership Team away day for Brook, where we wanted to review our organisational values and look at our internal culture. Felicia and I worked together ahead of the session to agree the structure of the day and activities to be delivered and it couldn't have gone any better.

The day was fast-paced, interactive and really enjoyable. The whole team got involved in all the sessions and I have had such positive feedback from my colleagues saying how much they enjoyed and got out of the day. We have already booked Felicia to support with our Board Strategy Development sessions later this year and a follow up session with the Leadership Team in 6 months.
Jo Oxlade

Deputy CEO, Brook