When did you last take your charity’s temperature?

Willow Charity Consulting, experts in charitable governance and organisational effectiveness, are experienced in achieving transformational success for small-to-medium charities. Our comprehensive Charity Health Check will diagnose the undetected issues that are limiting your charity’s success and prescribe the necessary steps to help you get your charity’s health back on track.

We also offer services tailored to your charity’s needs and budget, including interim crisis and change management, strategic planning, training and policy development to name a few.

Our past clients have dramatically increased their fundraising success rate and number of beneficiaries, put systems in place to protect their charity where it was vulnerable to misappropriation and legal liabilities, made the most of their organisational structure, staff and volunteers, and significantly expanded their charities.

Isn’t it time you had an expert take your charity’s temperature?


    The Charity Commission has high standards for charities in a range of areas, including financial and volunteer management, fundraising, and charitable governance. Understanding how to meet these standards can be challenging, particularly when the focus of most charities is on the charity’s cause.


    Many small-to-medium charities that are struggling to secure fundraising are unaware that this may not be due to the quality of their fundraising efforts.


    Your charity’s annual report to the Charity Commission is available to anyone who searches for it, laying bare any flaws in your charitable governance and organisational effectiveness, which may prevent you from receiving funding without you ever knowing why you weren’t successful.


    Most of the issues affecting the functioning of your charity are difficult to identify from inside its day-to-day routine.